The Beginning

It all started with a 19 year old bartender and a 64 year old lady.  During the summer of 2001 at Lakewood Inn Restaurant Katie Quinn (the bartender) & Jan Powers (the lady) began the study of making the perfect bloody mary.  Katie being 19 thought she knew her very first bloody mary was made with horseradish mayo.  How was Katie to know the difference between horseradish and horseradish mayo, she was only 19 for goodness sake! I'm sure you've figured out what happened next...the worst bloody mary in all of human history.  Jan laughed and of course didn't drink this bloody mary, but instead took Katie under her wing and through out the summer, Katie listened, practiced, and took the criticisms but alas!  Finally the day came when Jan and Katie created the perfect bloody mary!  

Katie then took her recipe from Lakewood Inn Restaurant and wintered at Sugarloaf where she made her bloody marys at Bullwinkle's on the side of the mountain.  The biggest day...512 bloody marys in one lunch!  I know right...512!  A group of Katie's regulars encouraged her to start her own business and bottle her bloody mary mix.  So she did!  Twelve years later, after making her first bloody mary Katie started bottling Ass over Teakettle and hasn't looked back!


The Right Now

In March of 2017, Katie purchased back original family property in Cornville, Maine.  The renovations began!  After a long summer and quite a bit of ups and downs the new kitchen facility began pumping out bloody mary mix and bbq sauces in November of 2017.   Katie has a wonderful group of people behind her helping her every which way.  Mickey Powers (Jan Powers husband) is her number one sidekick!  Mickey has been through think and thin with Katie from idle chatter, solid business advice and the best bloody mary maker in the world!  That's right Mickey has been stirring it up with Katie since 2015!

Just recently Valley Beverage out of Oakland and Lewiston picked up the three bloody marys to distribute to restaurants and stores across Central and Western Maine. Soon after Maine Distributors out of Bangor decided to take a leap of faith and add ATK to their beer & wine profile. Bowstreet Liquor Distributors hopped on the bloody mary train during the summer of 2018 to distribute to restaurants across Maine!  Look for it at your local grocer, liquor store and restaurant.  If you would like to see Ass over Teakettle near you give us a shout of the location and we'll make it happen!

A big THANK YOU to all of our bloody mary fans and foodies alike for supporting us and helping us bring the best bloody mary to every man, woman and...well maybe millennial's?  Haha...We couldn't really say child now could we?

ENJOY and keep looking for us!  We'll soon be taking over the world with Ass over Teakettle!