Who likes it?

Well, a better question is, who doesn’t like it?  This is some darn good stuff!  But don’t take our word for it.  Read on to relish in the glory of what our fabulous followers think:

“AOT stands up to the ice and liquor in your Bloody Mary without failing to deliver outstanding flavor. It surpasses all the other mixes I have tried!”

“There are so many delicious recipes this mix works great with! Dips and cocktail sauces are incredible not to mention drinking it as a Bloody Mary through a straw! Try the dip! It’s Dip-licious!”

“This Bloody Mary mix grabs your attention. From the first sip to the last you’ll be glad you went AOT for it.”


“A friend of mine raved about your mix so much so that I had to give it a try!!! AOT is amazing. A very nice blend right out of the bottle. A nice kick and just the right amount of horseradish. To anyone who loves a fabulous bloody mary this is the mix for you:)”

“First Bloody that caught my attention on the first sip… Glad it is real not just a fluke never to be exactly duplicated… I can have another!”

I have always loves Bloody Marys. However, there has never been a mix that kept my attention or that I wanted to drink straight out of the bottle. Now there are. Thank you AOT!





Look at the sorrow in his face.  Trying desperately to make the perfect bloody mary.  He has failed miserably!

BE THIS GUY! He knows all about Ass over Teakettle!


.Look at the joy and achievement of making the perfect bloody mary for his possey!  Go get 'em with Ass over Teakettle!